ArTEC has assisted many trans folks across the state in updating their legal documents, and needs your help to continue this work. Please consider making a tax deductible donation so we can continue the work we do assisting trans folks in gaining proper identification.

ArTEC also participates in the Kroger Plus Community Donation program!  Choose us as your designated cause in your Kroger Plus Card user settings, and your local Kroger will help support your fellow transgender citizens.

A major safety issue for trans people is not having an identification that reflects their true name and gender. One survey found that when presenting an ID that did not match their gender identity/expression:

40% experienced harassment
15% were asked to leave
3% were assaulted

The same study reported that only 1/5 of respondents had been able to update ALL of their identification documents (e.g., driver’s license, birth certificate) and 1/3 hadn’t been able to update ANY of their IDs.

Barriers to updating are challenges understanding the steps/paperwork, fear of being harassed when updating, surgical requirements, and financial cost which can be hundreds of dollars. This process may become more difficult with the anti-LGBT platform of the new administration. Additionally, the potential for a “Bathroom Bill” in Arkansas being proposed in 2017 increases the risk of harassment if lacking correct IDs.