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You are NOT alone!

Arkansas Transgender Equity Collaborative aims to advance equality, justice and inclusiveness for transgender and gender non-conforming Arkansans through a statewide trans-led organization. Ultimately, improving the lives of all transgender & gender non-binary Arkansans.

The transgender community in Arkansas may be small, but our supporters are vast. It is necessary to build a coalition with members of the greater LGBTQ+ community, supportive families, providers, allies, friends, community leaders, businesses, faith community members and organizations. The community deeply needs resources and infrastructure, and it requires a team effort.

Transgender people often don’t get a seat at the table in decision making processes in Arkansas, and when they do, they are often invited to a table someone else set up. Let’s build a table together for the transgender community of Arkansas so more people can get a seat to have their voices heard and issues addressed.

This Saturday, October 13th, from 4 to 7PM House of GGs: Griffin Gracy Educational Retreat & Historical Center will hold the first ever Town hall exclusively for trans women of color in the state of Arkansas (Private Reception preceding)!

From  House of GG’s:

“Transgender Women of Color Town Hall & Community Empowerment Meeting”!!!
FREE DINNER & other surprises! We graciously invite you to come out and TRULY have YOUR VOICES HEARD…in a safe, nurturing, open-discussion, and empowering environment of other like-minded Trans Women of Color!!!
We would LOVE to see you there…Saturday, October 13, 4-7pm, Comfort Inn & Suites-Presidential, 707 Interstate Hwy 30, Little Rock, AR
For more info/RSVP…please call (501) 904-5216 or email us here!

For more information, check out their video below:

The Arkansas Transgender Equity Collaboration is proud to announce the first ever legal name and gender change clinic designated for transgender, non-binary and intersex Arkansans. Great thanks to our partners , Arkansas Access to Justice, Arkansas Pro Bono Partnership and National Center for Transgender Equality’s Trans Legal Services Network, in helping create this much needed and necessary legal and educational tool. ArTEC, working along with volunteers and supportive organizations, will be able to provide educational assistance to persons needing to change their name and/or gender beginning in March 2015.

People who sign up to use the name and gender change clinic should expect…

To be contacted by a friendly volunteer to help in scheduling your appointment while you answer some basic confidential questions and learn what you need to bring to your appointment
If you wish to do the name and/or gender change on your own, have access to a comprehensive guide on how the process works in Arkansas and the necessary forms
If you wish to come to the clinic day, be treated with respect, learn about the legal process, have your questions answered and be ready to file upon leaving.
Contact information to an advocate in case you experience issues in your process.
To know where to go after finished with court to update your documents.
Someone to follow up to ask about your experiences in navigating the name and gender change process so the clinic can better serve future persons through the process.
To be able to use the available guide throughout the state of Arkansas.

#####Sign up here:

There will be a limited roll-out in Little Rock, but as more people sign up throughout the state of Arkansas, there will be additional opportunities for in-person services. Please sign up and let us help you in navigating the process.

ArTEC believes accessing legal name and gender services is a social justice issue. People may ask for legal ID in housing, employment, voting, education, using bank services, traveling by plane, when being questioned by authorities and many other common life situations. Transgender, non-binary and intersex persons may encounter discrimination and/or violence when those documents do not appear to be the person they represent. Therefore, the cost of getting a legal name and/or gender change done may also be an additional hurdle for the many low-income transgender/non-binary/intersex persons needing these services. ArTEC invites you to help sponsor persons with demonstrated economic need in helping them afford the fees to make their life changing moment a reality.

For $165, you can help pay for someone’s name change and change their life.

“If I could be you, if you could be me
For just one hour
If we could find a way to get inside
Each other’s mind
If you could see you through my eyes
Instead your ego
I believe you’d be, I believe you’d be surprised to see
That you’ve been blind.”

Joe South – “Walk a Mile in My Shoes”

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