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This year, ArTec will be hosting the annual Legal Name and Gender Change Clinic at the HRC Arkansas Equal Care for Equal Lives Health Summit. We encourage everyone to attend the Conference but you are not required to attend the Conference in order to sign up and participate in the Legal Clinic, which will be free.

Please sign up for the Legal Clinic at

We strongly encourage everyone to sign up for the Health conference at

There is a fee for registration for the health conference but scholarships are available !!

Register under “student” for a discounted fee*

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation is proud to present the third annual Equal Care for Equal Lives: An LGBTQ Inclusive Health Care Summit, a statewide conference dedicated to addressing LGBTQ health disparities and creating welcoming healthcare spaces for ALL Arkansans. The theme of this year’s conference will be LGBTQ Healthcare throughout the Ages, focusing on LGBTQ youth and elderly populations, who are amongst the highest risk of finding safe healthcare.


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Community Action Alert

The Arkansas Transgender Equality Coalition stands in solidarity with black queer and trans Arkansans and condemns the racist actions of the local nightclub Sway. These actions include mockery, appropriation of black culture, derogatory depictions of racist tropes and threatening a queer trans youth of color with violence when confronted about their offensive behavior. Especially, at a time when the black community in general and the black trans community, specifically, are facing such incredible rates of violence and other forms of oppression. This kind of behavior within the LGBTQI+ community is completely unacceptable and needs to be actively challenged. We hope you will join us in speaking out against the racism on this issue.

Thank you.
-ARTEC Board