Arkansas Transgender Equality Coalition [ARTEC]

The goal of this organization is to advance equality, justice and inclusiveness for transgender and gender non-conforming Arkansans through a statewide trans-led organization. In the end, improve the lives of transgender Arkansans and all Arkansans.

The transgender community in Arkansas may be small, but our supporters are vast. It will be necessary to build a coalition with members of the greater LGBTQ community,  supportive families, providers, allies, friends, community leaders, businesses, faith community members and organizations. The community is in extreme need of resources and infrastructure and it requires a team effort.

Transgender people often don’t get a seat at the table in decision making processes in Arkansas, and when they do, they are often invited to a table someone else set up. Let’s build a table together for the transgender community of Arkansas so more people can get a seat, have their voices heard, and issues addressed. Trans rights are human rights!!!